To blog or not to blog…that is the question.

2016 has been a year full of ups and downs, roller-coaster highs and screaming in a dark tunnel lows.  As the year closes, I find myself wanting to “more”.  Do more, Be more, Help more, more, more, and more.  Looking through this year’s events through the lens of history it is clear that we have reached another pivotal point in our brief human existence. I suspect that my desire for more is really a response to coping with change and the new path we find ourselves on.  If I’m having trouble coping, I imagine that there’s probably a few million more experiencing the same troubles.  In times of change we are faced with a decision we either accept the change or we don’t.

The decision I made, is that I have a lot of decisions to make!  Chiefly, I’ve got to get a handle on all of the information out there, understand it, and make a decision.  Why, you ask?  The number-one, heat seeking, identify your weakness, pick out your indecision and decide that you really don’t know what you are doing question askers, that’s why.  Yes, I’m referring to the “doelings”!  Two teenage girls growing up in an environment in which social justice warriors exist, tumblr I believe, bullying occurs through a typed word on a computer screen or a well-placed meme, and the state of the world should be summarized in 120 characters or less.

If I hope to be a good role model for the little doelings of my life, I need to be able to answer their questions.  Better yet, I need to teach them to obtain information, analyze it and form their own opinion.  That is the task I’ve given myself and I hope that along the way my co-author, John Doe, and I can share our process for understanding the information out there.  What are the facts?  How do I know these are the facts and not an opinion?  How do I understand the information?  What questions should I ask myself?  What do I think about this?  The objective is not to give you our opinion, but rather, give you the information to form your own.  We fundamentally believe that most of the world is made of good people, and that at the end of the day we all want the same thing.  That is we want our children to be safe, to have enough food, to be warm, and to feel love.  The difficulty we experience is that we have our own ideas on how to accomplish this.

In the end, I hope that we give you good information, you are able to answer a question or two from your own doelings and if that fails….I’ve found another excuse not to exercise!


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